Kamis, 30 Desember 2010


It’s hard to talk about internet shopping without saying ‘amazon’.the company isn’t just one of the first

online stores

. It also a good example of the advantages of shopping online : finding and buying books on a website faster and easier then walking around to the shop. And because warehouse are less expensive then shops , then company can offer lower prices even when delivery change are included. Customers save money and time. It doesn’t get much better than that.Clearly a lot of products are not as easy as books to shell online. People like to try on the feel Quality of the clothes when they choose them, for example. They also like to look carefully at more expensive products. This means going to shop. And of course, people like shopping. But for online stores, these problems are not as big as seem. Today, people often look at products in shops, then place an order at online store at discount.
If ‘traditional’ shops help internet stores, the internet also helps traditional shoppers. The web is good place to find technical information about product, get a price and compare offers. But a lot of people prefer not to buy more expensive goods online – they do their research on the internet, then go to a shop.

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