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Tips to strengthen the wireless signal indoors

    sometimes the wireless signal is not optimal because of several factors that do not support or resistance from other wireless devices.
    These are some tips to maximize your wireless network is in the room:

  1. place the wireless router in the middle of the room. because it will make wireles network can reach all areas of the room.

  2. note the placement of wireless routers. do not be left near the wall, not adjacent to the iron-containing materials, and should not be stored on the floor. because of the above will reduce the strength of wireless signals (weaken).

  3. as a router using Omni Directional antenna types that are spread to all directions. If indeed you often use in the entire room or corner of the antenna of this type is perfect but if you're more likely to use it in one place, perhaps the replacement of the antenna can further strengthen the signal.
    One example type of antenna to the problem above is the High Gain Antenna in which the nature of its spread to only one point so that your signal will get better but we suggest you can not often change places.

  4. ganti wireless adaptor dengan yang lebih baik. jika anda menggunakan PC, maka anda harus memakai Wireless adaptor didalamnya. pastikan Wireless adaptor PC yang anda gunakan cukup baik cukup baik. atau juga anda bisa menggantinya dengan wireless adaptor yang lebih baik.

  5. 5. add wireless repeaters when necessary. wireless repeater function to strengthen the signal and menjangakau broader. this device you can use if the conditions of the room is big. so that all corners of the room covered by a wireless signal.

  6. replace existing wireless channels. WiFi Signal can run on several channels at once, if you feel that there is less good signal and found a lot of channels in it, you should change to a smaller channel.
    And no need to worry with this channel because replacement computer / notebook will detect and adjust automatically when there is change channels.

  7. away wireless routers from different devices can interfere. such as cordless phones that have a wireless 2.4GHz frequency as well as using the 2.4GHz frequency, then you should use a cordless phone that has a different frequency.

  8. Firmware always update your wireless router. manufacturers such as D-Link, Linksys is always out the latest firmware, then the wireless router's firmware updatelah there with the latest one that can optimize your wireless router.

  9. Use the same wireless perangakat. indeed in a wireless network there is no problem between devices even if different brands. but if that same inter-branded devices, it will optimize your wireless signal.

  10. upgrade your wireless from 802.11b or 802.11g to 802.11n.I believe that now many are turning to use 802.11n. with the signal and the best speed.

Tips for improving your wireless network security.

1. Is your wireless network covered? If you have not set up security passwords yourself, it is unlikely that you will be set. To know it, you go to My Network Places on your computer and scan your wireless network. In the list that appears, there must be a picture of a lock beside the name of your network. If not locked, you need some security. by locking your network.
2. Use the WiFi Protected Access (WPA), Most new routers now offer WPA password as well as Wired Equivalent Privacy WEP. WPA offers enhanced security, and if your computer and other hardware that is compatible, you should always use WPA because it more difficult to crack than previous encryption method.
3.add your network security, using the full antivirus software on your computer. because the virus can give space to the Hacker. and also do not forget to always update it regularly. Turn on your computer's firewall also, many routers are integrated. but you also need to activate it on your computer.
4. isolation signal of your wireless network! because isolation makes your wireless networkappear to anyone who is looking for a wireless signal in your area.
5. if you're still worried, Use access list. you can create a list of access. all computers have a MAC (media access control) that can identify the PC. making it easier for you to notify the router, the PC which is authorized to access and which are blocked. This means to anyone who wants to access your wireless network, must have a password and to your network list.

with the way of above, your wireless network will be protected from the hands of irresponsible that can hurt you or even destroy your wireless network

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Seven Things You Need to Know About Nircable Networks

Seven Things You Need to Know About Nircable Networks, that are :

1. Place is everything. Your network performance hinge AA on the computer, the ability of AA to receive the radio signal from the nircable router or access point, and this hinge on the place of the box. There must be at the top and free of metal or blockages.

2. O, or another name! What's in a name? What we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet. Let AOS face it. There are many people out there setting up nircable networks. And they all accept the standard network name and the name of the router that came from the factory. How do you know if you have access to your own network, if they all have the same name? Then follow Juliet and Romeo AO advice, remove your name.

3. Safety is not automatic. Your network is not sure that somebody configures the nircable device. He is not sure of the box. Unless somebody does, anyone can access your network and steal your internet access.

4. It may not be sufficient. If you are having trouble getting a strong signal or having intermittent downtime in an area of your building, you may need another access point for nircable coverage. You're not limited to a single device, you can have several, if necessary, to enable complete coverage.

5. Is there an aerial or are you just happy to see me? The antennas that come with nircable routers or access points are good, but may not be good enough. They are not saving power, low, low, omni directional antennas and are generally cheaper. For better coverage, consider replacing them with a high gain omni directional antennas fed or unidirectional.

6. To B or not to b. The standard for WiFi is designated as 802.11 with a result of the letter. First there was 802.11b, which gave a speed of 11Mb at a frequence of 2.4 GHz, followed by 802.11a speeds of 54Mb at a frequence of 5 GHz and 802.11g speeds of 54Mb at a frequence2.4 GHz and still unratified 802.11n promises speeds of 100 Mbps at a frequence of 2.4 and 5 GHz. Most people today are using 802.11g for speed and safety reasons. It is also compatible with 802.11b, meaning that any device that has an 802.11b card can still use the network. You should avoid 802.11n until it becomes official, which should be in 2008.

7. Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards. Nircable networks are based on radio waves in the free bandwidth ranges. Guess what. is that your nircable phone, AORE using your Bluetooth headset and microwave in the corner. All these devices can interfere with your network if you want to keep your access point or nircable router away from these things, or your network access will whenever Sally warms Ramen that she brought for lunch.

Woe to Wireless Internet

The comfort of connecting to the Internet in a cafe in a car or home in the backyard, with no hot spots where wireless Internet is available has led the popularity of wireless networks significantly in the last year. But few people realize the tremendous security risks with wireless access. We close our businesses and homes, keep our money in locked safes in banks and so on, but we shut our wireless access points on our PCs. Many studies on business and residential wireless access points have shown that they are not blocked or not locked properly.

All you need is a wireless router connected to the Internet and network adapters for each machine. Even of long cables, radio signals are used to connect computers, allowing them to share the single broadband connection. Wireless networks are easy to implement and relatively inexpensive. But comfort is a compromise safety. Wireless networks, sometimes called Wi-Fi or 802.11 networks, uses a radio link even of cables to connect computers. As a result, anyone within radio range can theoretically listen or transmit data over the network.

One study showed that 90 percent of 1,500 corporation surveyed reported using wireless security products, a large majority depended on security systems that have left their networks. The data they transmitted were exposed to attacks from hackers (survey conducted by the Diffusion Group, August 16, 2006). Other studies show that corporation using the wireless call dated, old technology to lock their wireless access points.

It's scary because hackers can penetrate a network via Wi-Fi and once, they can obtain social security numbers, driver's license, credit card numbers and other personal and financial information. Add to the mix they can take over your computer, and the dangers grow. Intruders do not need physical access to your equipment, they may be sitting in your car or in the apartment complex in the street. Freely available tools allow intruders to sniff out unsecured networks. With a program like this, a hacker can access a wireless access point, run the program, and within minutes get every word someone uses your password.

Technology and computers are in constant evolution and development. At the same time, white collar bandits, like pirates, are continually adapting and finding new ways to succeed. Updates for viruses, spyware and operating systems out almost every day. The first security mechanism built in Wi-Fi was Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), which permits the encryption of wireless traffic. However, the encryption is disabled by default in wireless devices and software, and in many cases, it is never on. But even if WEP is used, it is not very secure.

Last year, Ian Goldberg, a cryptographer at security and privacy software developer Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc. in Montreal, in collaboration with researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has WEP. Researchers at Rice University in Houston and AT & T Labs in Florham Park, NJ, later found an even easier to break WEP.

Going wireless Internet connection is broadcast outside of your home or business. Without security, anyone with a wireless notebook or PDA can use your network. They can get free Internet access, steal information stored in your computer, or use your system to attack something else. This could include downloading child porn, sharing copyrighted content, or perform a denial of service attack and could be linked to you.

This vulnerability has led to wardriving, which involves driving around a wireless device and find wireless networks. There are those who consider it a hobby, they do out of curiosity and to draw attention to the magnitude of the problem of security. Then there are those who use wardriving criminal intent. Identify networks is not illegal, but access is.

In February 2006, a man in Rockford, Illinois, was arrested for accessing wireless Internet through a nonprofit agency. He was fined $ 250 and sentenced to one year supervision order. Are we still afraid? We should be. Last year, even after numerous technical articles, ranting and raving about the risks of wireless security, nothing has changed. The solutions are available. Part of the solution is to enable the security features of your access point. It's that simple. Businesses also have to encrypt the traffic and segment the wireless network using virtual LANs (VLANs). Technology Professionals Information recommends that corporation have an assessment conducted by a wireless company other than that created it. This will determine if your wireless router is locked. If not, it can and should be done as quickly as possible. Both business and IT Elite ( can serve these solutions to both business and residential customers.

Wireless Microphones

Beat the tangling cables during a performance on stage with wireless microphones. This is the best way to use the stage and get a clear sound without worrying about the microphone cables. The wireless microphone, because it is frequently interpreted, is a microphone, which works without cable. It uses distinct standards, frequencies and transmission technologies to replace the cable connection from the microphone and turn it into a wireless microphone. Some basic models use infrared light while many of them in the radio waves transmitted by UHF or VHF frequencies, F, MO, or various other modulation schemes.

The wireless microphone is known to have awarded us many benefit of its use, but it is not always the benefits that come with it. To understand this well, we've compiled a list of pros and cons of a wireless microphone that goes as follows:

Benefit of a wireless microphone: The main advantage of the wireless microphone is freedom of movement, it gives the artist or speaker. You can get rid of the wiring problems of a traditional cable microphone, usually caused by constant moving and stressing the cables.

deficiency of a wireless microphone: Several microphones bid a limited space of its closure in an area under 100mts. or 300 feet. They are cheaper models, but very expensive models ca easily exceed this space. Some of them may be liable for interference with other radio equipment or other microphones. The new models with many frequency synthesis switch selectable channels are now widely available and profitable in the same time. Because they are battery operated, they bid a limited service life. Sometimes, they may produce noise or dead zones, usually in places where it does not work. The number of wireless microphones operating in the same time and place is limited due to the limited number of radio stations they use.

In the wireless microphone system consists of three main elements which are an input device, a station and a receiver. The input device provides the audio signal to be fixed or transmitted by the transmitter. With issuers behind them, the cabin wireless microphones be attached in two categories which are

Handheld wireless microphone Micro Plus classic basic difference is that instead of this cable is a little more at home in the station and battery. With the wireless microphone, the microphone arrays space of elements or heads are available.

Body Pack Wireless microphone into the microphone body-pack bag is a small box, usually the size of a pack of cigarettes, houses the station and battery. The handheld station easily clips to the belt of the user or can be worn on the body. Generally for applications tool, a handheld station is frequently attached to a guitar strap or attached directly to an instrument like the trumpet or the flute.

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Wireless Routers

Like any other wireless system, a wireless router gives you the freedom to release precious workspace son tangled. Technically speaking, a wireless router is a special network router that connects wirelessly to different workstations and network traffic routes between workstations and an existing Internet connection. Some wireless routers are actually wired routers with wireless access points built so you can have wired and or wireless at the same time. Another option is a wireless router with a built-in cable modem or DSL. You can also consider a hardware and software security combo box to connect and protect your home network or office network. The wireless router is able to share one Internet connection among several computers via 802.3 Ethernet and 802.11b g wireless data links.
Wireless routers are very favorite among users. Moreover, because it is as good as the use of cable networks with absolutely no compromise on connectivity, speed and security. A wireless LAN router usually adds a built-in access point to a multi-port Ethernet router. With this it combines multiple Ethernet networks with wireless connections as well. A typical wireless LAN router includes four Ethernet ports, an 802.11 access point and, sometimes, a parallel port so it can function as a print server. This gives wireless users the same ability as wired users to send and receive packets over multiple networks.
There are many manufacturers of wireless routers, favorite among them are D-Link, Netgear, Actiontec etc. Among them, the D-Link routers is what we find is the product favorite among home users and business. These wireless routers have an uncanny ability to offer superior performance to the ability to transfer large files and handle heavy network traffic. Wireless routers offer several important advantages in home and small office. For example, you can opt for a cable modem service that supplies a single IP address via DHCP on the router and the router then supplies IP addresses via DHCP to clients on your LAN. This allows much whenever the client needs access to the Internet. The wireless routers are ideal for wireless networks in public areas or commercial, especially if there are multiple networks that are accessible. Wireless routers if considered in a corporate environment allows network administrators an additional tool to monitor and update their networks. As wireless routers only send packets to specific addresses made, they do not forward the broadcast packets that are sent by other devices. A big advantage of wireless routers is that they supply an extra layer of security, both on wired and wireless. The wired side is usually protected by a firewall and has extensive access control filters.
Hence, not only wireless routers are easy to use and compact, they are also much on speed, and ability to manage multiple networks easily and without sacrificing safety.

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Thoughts on Verizon Wireless Getting a Verizon iPhone

My experience while search the best Verizon Wireless smartphone to buy

So I have resolve to start search a new smartphone. I have had a very hard time on choosing which smartphone to go with. I have narrowed it down to either an Verizon Wireless android smartphone or a Verizon iPhone that is if Verizon gets the iPhone. So the things that I am search in my new phone are reliability and functionality. So with that being said lets breakdown the iPhone and the Android.

Verizon iPhone

The iPhone very made a new market for itself when it first came out. It has been a very popular phone to have and has enjoyed lots of media attention because of all of the tv shows that you see it in. In its latest version it featured an impressive front and rear facing web cam, a super high definition screen, and so many more amazing features. Okay but since this can't be a post all about the good things on the iPhone now the negatives thats easy its not on Verizon Wireless YET! One can hope that Apple will realize the benefits of moving away from AT&T being the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the United States. So its very going to come down to whether or not Verizon Wireless is able to acquire the iPhone if this is a feasible choice because I refuse to go to AT&T whose customer service in my opinion can't hold a candle to Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Android Phones

Its very hard to sum up every Verizon Wireless Android phone. So lets make it easy the only ones as of right now that I am even interested in getting are the Verizon Incredible and the Droid X. The Droid Pro is a nice phone but I am not search a blackberry wannabe Verizon cellular phone. The Droid 2 and its slide out keyboard is nice but I am not a big fan of the slide out keyboard. I guess what I am very search is the Candy Bar touch screen only smartphone. So the thing that is very appealing about the Android phones is that most of their apps are free. Also their part of this company most people have never heard of Google. I am a huge fan of Google and all that it has done and with the most recent update of the Android operating system it's no surprise that Android 2.3 Gingerbread is even more powerful and has some amazing features on it.

I guess it's very going to come down to seeing what phones Verizon Wireless reveals at CES 2011. That is when most people think they will announce the Verizon iPhone. I personally would like to see both the Verizon iPhone and some new amazing Verizon Android smartphones unveiled.

Joshua Bauder is the Owner and Founder of he is an avid technology buff who is always search the latest information on technology news, cool new technology inovations, and anything that has to do with the technology industry. He is very hopeful that Verizon Wireless gets aVerizon iPhone


I do not know where this news came. lately many are questioningthe same thing. facebook is a very popular social networkingworld. hundreds of millions or billions of people have becomefacebookers. if properly closed, Where are you going to switch?twitter, google bush, back to myspace or yahoo messenger, likenineties?
many people will be disappointed with the closure facebookanymore because they can not find a friend, girlfriend, playing facebook games like poker , ninja saga, town car, or can not make money with facebook applications like easycash, cloud crowd, and many more.
but this info has not been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg (creatorfaccebook).
maybe we take a positive course, that facebook is not everythingin this world. there is still real life is waiting for us to live. "becauselife is not being positioned cyberspace."
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saya tidak tahu dari mana kabar ini berasal. akhir-akhir ini banyak yang mempertanyakan hal yang sama. facebook adalah jejaring sosial yang sangat populer didunia. ratusan juta ataupun milyaran orang telah menjadi facebooker . jika benar ditutup, kemanakah anda akan beralih? twitter, google buzz, kembali ke friendster atau yahoo messenger seperti tahun sembilanpuluhan?
banyak orang yang akan kecewa dengan penutupan facebook karena tidak bisa lagi mencari teman, pacar, bermain game facebook seperti poker, ninja saga, car town, ataupun tidak bisa mencari uang dengan aplikasi facebook seperti easycash, cloud crowd, dan masih banyak lagi.
tapi info ini juga belum dikonfirmasi oleh mark zuckerberg (pembuat faccebook).
mungkin kita ambil positifnya saja, bahwa facebook bukan segalanya didunia ini. masih ada kehidupan nyata yang menunggu kita untuk dijalani."karena hidup bukanlah berada diposisi dunia maya."

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