Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

How To Set Up Router From A PC

general computer network is how to connect one computer to another, or to other devices that connect with the network.
to set up router from a PC you just set up a working console cable to connect the PC to the router.
the way is as follows:
1. console cable has two different port on the ends . which one is the COM port / Serial which is connected to the PC, and the other is RJ-45 port connected to the reading "Console" on the back of the Router.
2. turn on the PC, and router.
3. Go to the Hyper Terminal. If you use XP you just select Start> All Programs> Accessories> Hyper Terminal> select "Yes"
Your PC is connected to the Router and the Router is ready to configured

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TV Online mengatakan...

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TV Online mengatakan...

thnks sob infonya, berguna banget nich buat saya
tambah ilmu baru...sukses sellau buat blog nya gan..jangan lupa kunjungi juga blogku yah gan dan jangan lupa berkomentar ok..

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