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How To Strengthen the Signal a Wireless Modem With a Very Low Cost

How To Strengthen the Signal a Wireless Modem With a Very Low Cost
There may be one of you that have a wireless modem, but the signal is limited. or a weak signal? maybe I lilltle share knowledge by giving them know bagaamana ways to strengthen the wireless signal to the modem and surf the Internet at speeds faster than ever with a stronger signal as well.
so to strengthen the wireless signal of your modem does not need to spend a lot of money. because of the way that I give use a tool that may exist around you. you enough just provide pan(or something which made from aluminium like alumunim glass), and a USB interface cable is enough. for long or short the USB interface cable, depending on where you will put the devices.
This way my actual adoption of the "wajan Bolic" that could strengthen the USB wireless signals from a maximum of 100 meters to 2 kilometers.
the steps are as below:
  1. plug your wireless modem with USB interface cable. wireless modem so you do not glued to connect with the I / O ports on the motherboard or USB ports dicasing.
  2. save your modem wireles right in the middle of the focal point of the pan. or attach a wireless modem with a label affixed to the tip.
  3. save and navigate the pan to the place you think has the stronger signal. It aims to obtain maximum signal.
  4. Connect to your computer. you will get a strong signal and surfing / browsing faster.

this way has proved successful and has been used by many people. because of signal towers connected by broadband will be reflected by the pan will be received / captured by the wireless modem located in the middle of the focal point of the pan.
I hope this article useful.


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