Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Network Switches

Network switch or hub switch is a networks device that function as a concentrator and connecting networks segments. generally switch hubs have two types, namely:
  1. UnManagable Switch: This switch can be directly used without any configuration. usually we can find these types of switches on a small network at home, internet cafes, etc.
  2. Managable switches: this switch that can be modified with specific settings and can optimize your existing computer networks. managable switches can be managed via PC with using a Console cable. managable switches have two types, namely:
  • Smart Switch: This switch can be managed using a web browser but only a few features that could be managed. such as VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network) that limit two different networks, bandwidth, and duplex.
  • Enterprise switch: This switches are more expensive than smart switches. because it has features to full manage the switch using the CLI (Common Line Interface). using the CLI, we can manipulate the configuration, set security passwords, back up or restore configuration configurewho has backed up. switches of this type usually found in companies that have a large enough networks. so that we can concentrate on a managable switch configuration that allows a network administrator jobs in maintaining networks and repair damaged networks.
Switches have more than one port, usually tailored to the networks that you will create. ranging from 4 ports to dozens of ports. so if you are going to build a computer network, choose a switch that has a port number corresponding to your network. networks efficiently for your computers that will create and saving budget.

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