Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Paket Tracer

Must have been familiar to a person who works in the field of computer networks. packet tracer is a software that acts as a simulation in building a network. not only used by people who understand and proficient in the field of networks, packet tracer is suitable for beginners who want to learn the network. packet tracer has many features that are very useful in learning. as we know on the field that configuration of network devices typically through the IOS (Internetworking Operating System)-based text. but in Packet Tracer is more easier again With the availaibility interface configuration and after the configuration interface, the configuration command for IOS will present itself.

Configuration process is an important part in the makeup of the network. Configuration process on each device is required to activate the function of the device. Configuration process includes providing an IP address and subnet mask on the interface-interface device (the Router, PCs and Servers), giving Routing Table (the Router), labeling the name and so on.

After the configuration process is done, then the red dots mark the cables connected to the device turns green. There are two configuration modes that can be done: GUI mode (Config mode) and mode CLI (Command Line Interface).

Example configuration with GUI mode Click the device to be configured. Select the Config menu. Click on the desired interface. Fill the IP Address and subnet mask. Do the same for the interfaces and other devices. Packet Tracer is a product from CISCO that I say "Freeware". because you can Download this software on the internet. there was no significant difference either in simulation or original. as in the process of Routing, Switching, DHCP, and even we can also simulate VOIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) with this software.

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heemmm perlu saya coba juga mungkin gan ..

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