Jumat, 30 September 2011

Wireless Links on Packet Tracer

You can establish wireless links between access points and end devices (PCs, servers, and printers). To establish a link, simply remove the existing module on an end device, insert a wireless module, and turn on the device. The device will automatically try to associate itself with an access point. Typically, this means it will associate (physically) with the nearest access point. See the Wireless Devices page under the Physical Workspace section for more information regarding distances. However, if two or more access points are in the same closet, the distance from any access point to any end device is essentially the same. In this case, an end device will associate with the access point that was created first. Recall that the logical topology does not reflect physical distances, and everything that is created in the Logical Workspace is initially placed in the same wiring closet in the Physical Workspace. The process for establishing wireless links between Linksys routers and end devices with Linksys network modules is similar, but described elsewhere.

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Eva Smith mengatakan...

Thanks for any recommendations. I should mention I'm looking for a modest price point. The WRT54G-TM cost about 60 bucks each.

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Eva Smith

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