Minggu, 03 April 2011

Hybrid Star Network

we can use some type of cable to implement star network. Hybrid hub can be used to accommodate some types of cable in a star network.

The benefits of using Star Topology
We can take benefits in using this hybrid topology are:
  • • It is easy to modify and add computers to in network using star topology without disrupting network activity was progress. We just simply add New cable from our computer to a central location (central location) and attach the cable to a hub. When the capacity of the hub
  • center already exceeds capacity, then we just replace the hub with a hub that has more number of ports.
  • • Center of star network is a good place to diagnose errors that occur in the network. Intelligent hub is a hub which is equipped with microprocessors that in addition to having features in addition to repeating the network signal is also a centralized monitoring and management of the network.
  • • If one computer in network is damaged then the computer will not turn off the entire star network . Hub can detect errors in network and separate the damaged computer from the network and allow network to reoperate.
  • • We can use several types of cables in the same network hub that can accommodate different types of cable.

Lack of using Star Topology
Star topology has the following shortcomings:
  • Have one point of error, lies in the hub. If the central hub fails, the entire network will fail to operate.
  • Requires a tool in the central point for rebroadcasting or change of network traffic
  • Need more cable for all network cables to be pulled into one central point, so more needs more cable than other network topologies.

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