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Basically the two computer networks have different network addresses, will be able to connect. however, there is a device that can connecting both different networks. that is by using router.

primary router is a device usually used to interconnect networks that can connecting two computer networks that different network addresses.

there are several types of routers, such as that issued by Cisco routers. and there is a Router is in the form of a PC with linux OS that functioned to be a PC router. both type of This router has advantages of each. Cisco Router which is a special device that simply acts as a router that are reliable, and easy to use and the price is very expensive Cisco routers. I guess it's comparable to the services provided.
while the PC router has a much cheaper price, but in a PC-router service less than the maximum and the durability would be far different compared with CISCO Routers. because the PC router just a regular computer that were transferred to be a Router.

on Essentially, the devices making up the Router with Other computer.
The following are the devices that make up the CISCO Router:
1. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
Serves to execute instructions in the Operating System. Another function is the system initialization, routing functions and controls the network interface. Great router has multiple CPUs.

2 RAM (Random Access Memory)
Function for routing table information, fast switching cache, running configuration and the packet queue. RAM is usually divided into two in a logic that is primary processor memory and shared memory input / output (I / O).

3 Flash
Serves to store the entire IOS (Internetworking Operating System)
software image. Routers are generally looking for an operating system on the flash.

4 NVRAM (nonvolatile Random Access Memory)
Serves to store the start up configuration.

5 Bus
Most routers contain a system bus and CPU bus. System bus used for communication between the CPU and interfaces. CPU bus used by the CPU to access the router component of the storage media.

6 ROM (Read Only Memory)
Function to save start up permanent diagnostic code (ROM Monitor). The main task is to diagnose hardware ROM during boot up and move the router IOS software from Flash to RAM.

7 Interface
Is the exit router connection. There are three types of interface that is a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Management. LAN Interface usually be one of the types of Ethernet and Token Ring. WAN interfaces including serial, ISDN and integrated Channel Service Unit (CSU). Management console port and AUX port contains the serial port used to connecting router and the administrator. This port is not a network port. This port using a particular application running on a computer that is connected through a communication port on the computer or using modem.

8 Power Supply
Provides the power needed to operate the internal components.

CLI (Command Line Interface) Mode Is a user interface of the router using a text-based commands. There are several commands that are often used to configure the router, including:

1. enable
Used to activate the router or access privilege mode from user mode. And vice versa using the command disable.

2. configure terminal
Used to start the configuration of the router device is connected to the network.

3. interface FastEthernet0/0
Used to start the configuration interface FastEthernet0/0

4. interface serial2/0
Used to start the configuration interface serial2/0.

5. ip address
Used to give ip address on the interface, whether it is Fast Ethernet, token ring, serial and ISDN. The command uses the ip address format addresses from interface> . Examples are: ip address

6. clock rate
Used to set the clock rate of the interface, typically using clock rate interface is a serial interface. The command uses the format clock rate of clock . Examples are: clock rate 64 000.

7. no shutdown
Used to activate the interface.

8. exit
Used to exit from configuration mode.

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