Rabu, 06 April 2011

Mesh Topology

This is the last network topology that I will discuss. after discussing the bus topology, Ring topology, Star topology, Hybrid star topology, and the last is the Mesh topology.
Among other topologies, mesh topology have excessive relationship between the existing equipment. So its structure, each existing equipment in the network are connected to each other. Can be imagined, if amount of equipment that is connected very much, certainly it would be very difficult to controlled than only a few devices that connected.
Installation of Mesh Topology

Most networks that use a mesh topology would have difficulty in installation if the equipment that is connected number had grown a lot, because the amount of relationships that connected more and more amount. So if any n equipment (computers) that we will connect, then the calculation is n (n-1) / 2. So if there are 5 computers, then the relationship will be created as many as 5 (5-1) / 2 or 10 ties. So if a computer that is connected increasingly more so the more the relationship will be regulated. This topology is suitable to be used on small systems.

The benefits of using mesh topology there are:
  • • The main advantage of using a mesh topology is fault tolerance.
  • • Guarantee the communication channel capacity, because it has a relationship of excess.
  • • Relatively easy to do troubleshoot.

Disadvantages of Using Mesh Topology
Mesh topology has deficiencies as follows:
  • • The difficulty at the time of installation and reconfiguration when amount of computers and devices that connect increasingly increase amount.
  • • huge costs to maintain the relationship of excess.

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