Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Tips for improving your wireless network security.

1. Is your wireless network covered? If you have not set up security passwords yourself, it is unlikely that you will be set. To know it, you go to My Network Places on your computer and scan your wireless network. In the list that appears, there must be a picture of a lock beside the name of your network. If not locked, you need some security. by locking your network.
2. Use the WiFi Protected Access (WPA), Most new routers now offer WPA password as well as Wired Equivalent Privacy WEP. WPA offers enhanced security, and if your computer and other hardware that is compatible, you should always use WPA because it more difficult to crack than previous encryption method.
3.add your network security, using the full antivirus software on your computer. because the virus can give space to the Hacker. and also do not forget to always update it regularly. Turn on your computer's firewall also, many routers are integrated. but you also need to activate it on your computer.
4. isolation signal of your wireless network! because isolation makes your wireless networkappear to anyone who is looking for a wireless signal in your area.
5. if you're still worried, Use access list. you can create a list of access. all computers have a MAC (media access control) that can identify the PC. making it easier for you to notify the router, the PC which is authorized to access and which are blocked. This means to anyone who wants to access your wireless network, must have a password and to your network list.

with the way of above, your wireless network will be protected from the hands of irresponsible that can hurt you or even destroy your wireless network

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