Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Tips to strengthen the wireless signal indoors

    sometimes the wireless signal is not optimal because of several factors that do not support or resistance from other wireless devices.
    These are some tips to maximize your wireless network is in the room:

  1. place the wireless router in the middle of the room. because it will make wireles network can reach all areas of the room.

  2. note the placement of wireless routers. do not be left near the wall, not adjacent to the iron-containing materials, and should not be stored on the floor. because of the above will reduce the strength of wireless signals (weaken).

  3. as a router using Omni Directional antenna types that are spread to all directions. If indeed you often use in the entire room or corner of the antenna of this type is perfect but if you're more likely to use it in one place, perhaps the replacement of the antenna can further strengthen the signal.
    One example type of antenna to the problem above is the High Gain Antenna in which the nature of its spread to only one point so that your signal will get better but we suggest you can not often change places.

  4. ganti wireless adaptor dengan yang lebih baik. jika anda menggunakan PC, maka anda harus memakai Wireless adaptor didalamnya. pastikan Wireless adaptor PC yang anda gunakan cukup baik cukup baik. atau juga anda bisa menggantinya dengan wireless adaptor yang lebih baik.

  5. 5. add wireless repeaters when necessary. wireless repeater function to strengthen the signal and menjangakau broader. this device you can use if the conditions of the room is big. so that all corners of the room covered by a wireless signal.

  6. replace existing wireless channels. WiFi Signal can run on several channels at once, if you feel that there is less good signal and found a lot of channels in it, you should change to a smaller channel.
    And no need to worry with this channel because replacement computer / notebook will detect and adjust automatically when there is change channels.

  7. away wireless routers from different devices can interfere. such as cordless phones that have a wireless 2.4GHz frequency as well as using the 2.4GHz frequency, then you should use a cordless phone that has a different frequency.

  8. Firmware always update your wireless router. manufacturers such as D-Link, Linksys is always out the latest firmware, then the wireless router's firmware updatelah there with the latest one that can optimize your wireless router.

  9. Use the same wireless perangakat. indeed in a wireless network there is no problem between devices even if different brands. but if that same inter-branded devices, it will optimize your wireless signal.

  10. upgrade your wireless from 802.11b or 802.11g to 802.11n.I believe that now many are turning to use 802.11n. with the signal and the best speed.

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