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Thoughts on Verizon Wireless Getting a Verizon iPhone

My experience while search the best Verizon Wireless smartphone to buy

So I have resolve to start search a new smartphone. I have had a very hard time on choosing which smartphone to go with. I have narrowed it down to either an Verizon Wireless android smartphone or a Verizon iPhone that is if Verizon gets the iPhone. So the things that I am search in my new phone are reliability and functionality. So with that being said lets breakdown the iPhone and the Android.

Verizon iPhone

The iPhone very made a new market for itself when it first came out. It has been a very popular phone to have and has enjoyed lots of media attention because of all of the tv shows that you see it in. In its latest version it featured an impressive front and rear facing web cam, a super high definition screen, and so many more amazing features. Okay but since this can't be a post all about the good things on the iPhone now the negatives thats easy its not on Verizon Wireless YET! One can hope that Apple will realize the benefits of moving away from AT&T being the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the United States. So its very going to come down to whether or not Verizon Wireless is able to acquire the iPhone if this is a feasible choice because I refuse to go to AT&T whose customer service in my opinion can't hold a candle to Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Android Phones

Its very hard to sum up every Verizon Wireless Android phone. So lets make it easy the only ones as of right now that I am even interested in getting are the Verizon Incredible and the Droid X. The Droid Pro is a nice phone but I am not search a blackberry wannabe Verizon cellular phone. The Droid 2 and its slide out keyboard is nice but I am not a big fan of the slide out keyboard. I guess what I am very search is the Candy Bar touch screen only smartphone. So the thing that is very appealing about the Android phones is that most of their apps are free. Also their part of this company most people have never heard of Google. I am a huge fan of Google and all that it has done and with the most recent update of the Android operating system it's no surprise that Android 2.3 Gingerbread is even more powerful and has some amazing features on it.

I guess it's very going to come down to seeing what phones Verizon Wireless reveals at CES 2011. That is when most people think they will announce the Verizon iPhone. I personally would like to see both the Verizon iPhone and some new amazing Verizon Android smartphones unveiled.

Joshua Bauder is the Owner and Founder of he is an avid technology buff who is always search the latest information on technology news, cool new technology inovations, and anything that has to do with the technology industry. He is very hopeful that Verizon Wireless gets aVerizon iPhone

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