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Topology is an description of communication between devices in series of computer. If 2 or more Nod connected hybrid topology is formed. There are three types of topology principle in a LAN , Bus, Ring and Star topologies. There Other topologies such as hybrid, mesh and wireless.

topology bus is a LAN topology for a small scale. with the following specifications:
a. Interface
Interfaces for bus topology is to use passive equipment or T connector. This equipment does not have the ability to strengthen or repeat signal in the transfer. Accordingly the way, more further data / signal to move, so the weaker signal in the network.

b. Multipoint Connection Bus topology has a multipoint connection where a conductive medium in partnership by all Nod. What are the data that the transfer will be in partnership by all Nod.

c. Addressing
This topology justify unicast, multicast and broadcast addressing. Each Nod will listen and check the recipient address on the received frame. If a unicast address, Nod will check address on the frame. If the frontier of Nod will receive the data if not, the frame will be discarded. If the multicast address, Nod involved in group will take the data and unrelatedNod will discard the frame. If the broadcast address, all Nod will save frames in transfer.
description of delivery and Acceptance data image below illustrates how Conductor data from PC1 to PC 3.

d. Medium Conductor
usually medium Conductor for bus topology is a coaxial cable.

weakness of Bus Topology:

  1. 1. Damage to the Kable will cause serious problems to the network.
  2. 2. Caused antaramuka passive use, it will not apply if the prevailing serious problem of damage to the interfaces.
  3. 3. caused between the face is passive, the data will be increasingly weak in the conductivity
  4. unless the amplifier amplifire or repeater / repeater is used.
  5. 4. Delay delivery of data depends on the amount of Nod is connected.
  6. 5. in case of network troubleshooting, it will be difficult to repair

excess of bus topology:
  1. 1. Cheap
  2. 2. No need for additional equipment.
  3. 3. No need for long cables.

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