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Ring Network Topology

Definition of Ring Topology
after previously talking about bus topology, now I'm trying towrite another topology is a ring topology. ring topology is a concept to build a network that forms a circular pattern like a ring. To form a ring topology, each must be connected centra
l series with each other and this relationship will form a closed loop. In this system each central must be designed to interact with the adjacent central and far apart. Thus the ability to switch to different central direction.
The advantage of this network topology, among others: the level of network complexity is low (simple), also if there is any interference or damage to the central flow traffic can be passed in the other direction in sistem.Yang most widely used in computer networks is a network of buses and tree type, it is because of their complexity, ease of installation and maintenance as well as the price paid. But only just a tree-type network reliability that is recognized as loss one of the wires on the client, will not affect relations with other clients.
Ring topology is used in a network that has a high performance, which requires network bandwidth for time-sensitive features such as video and audio, or when performance is needed when the computer is connected to the network in large quantities.
How it works
Every computer connected to the natural next computerring, and each computer sends what is received from the previous computer. The messages flowing through ring inone direction. Every computer that sends what it receives,the ring is an active network. There is no end to the ring.Some do token passing ring network. Short message, called token ring to run through a computer wants to sendinformation to another computer. The computer then converts these tokens, by adding the address and adddata, and send it through the ring. Then each computer in order to receive the token and send the information to thecomputer next to the computer with the address of thetarget achieved or token back to the sender computer(original sender of the message). Computers recipientswill reply message to the sender of the message homeindicates that the message has been received. Then theoriginal sender of the message will make another tokenand put it on the network, and the token will continue tospin until there is another computer that captures the tokenand ready to start delivery.

Benefits of using ring topology:
  • • There is no monopoly on computer network, becauseevery computer has the right to equal access to the token.
  • • Data flows in one direction so that the collision can beavoided.

lack of using Ring Topology

  • * If there is one computer in the ring that failed to function, it will affect the whole network.
  • • It is difficult to overcome the damage in a network thatuses ring topology.
  • • Increase or decrease the computer will mess up the network.
  • • Difficult to reconfiguration.


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