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EVDO or 1x EVDO or 1x EVDO standard high-speed broadband wireless network. EVDO stands for "Evolution Data Only" or "Evolution Dara optimized" or the official term CDMA2000 high-speed data interface. EVDO is one of the major standards of wireless third generation (3G).

EVDO has advantages compared with ordinary CDMA. such as:
  1. certainly more saves frequency spectrum of regulators and certainly very expensive,
  2. lowering development costs and take advantage of new tissue.

in America EVDO used by Verizon and Sprint ,in Korea is also used . When this article was made EVDO not very influential in the European market and the majority of Asia because the region is already chose 3G as their choice.

EVDO has some revised standards that are intended to continue to develop this network. such as EVDO Rev.0 with speed 2.4Mbps , 3.1Mbps speed EVDO Rev.A. and EVDO Rev.B with 9.3 Mbps speed can even if the device supporting 14Mbps encapai support.

Created only for CDMA EVDO using radio frequency. EVDO would be optimal if the region there are EVDO network. if not, then you will only enjoy the 1X-RTT network with a maximum speed of 152Kbps.

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