Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Tips to get internet connection in hotspot areas with high speed

    most of the free hotspots provide a very slow connection. as I did, it takes half an hour just to open the email.
    maybe this is the old way used by the networker. but I'll share the little knowledge I have with people who are non-networker. follow these steps:

  1. go to the hotspot areas.
  2. find a place close to the Wireless Router. because the working system of wireless router is transmitting a signal in all directions. and if you are near a wireless router, you will get a stronger signal.
  3. turn on the laptop / notebook / netbook or another.
  4. turn on your wireless network adapter to capture the signal.
  5. download Netcut . you can download at 4shared or ziddu or others for free.
  6. netcut installed on your computer.
  7. after installation is complete, run and automatically netcut will collect data computers that are connected to the wireless network place.
  8. checklist protect my ip address. and block all computers list in the list box.
  9. and click the "Cut Off". thus all the wireless Internet connection network in the area you will enjoy yourself. "Keep what about Other People?" all users except you will not connect to Wireless network / WiFi.
just enjoy free internet access is fast.

    and tricks that are most important after the step was successful is to put the face of idiotic / face Polos / baby face. to avoid the suspicion of others.

    This trick is actually not only be used in the wireless area network. but can be used in network-based LAN (Local Area Network)

    good luck.

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astraweb mengatakan...

Thanks for suggesting tips. Google and Bing can also help to locate WI-Fi hotspots. I must look forward to your tips..

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