Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

why penguin be used as a mascot of Linux?

Did you know name of that cute Funny penguin mascot of Linux? Yeah his name is Tux.

Tux was said to have originated from word Torvald + Unix = Tux. Linus Torvalds himself is the pioneer development of Linux Kernel. The naming is similar to the naming of Linux which is a combination from Linus + Unix.

There is a story, that rightly or not, about why the penguins who made a figure as the logo of Linux Torvalds. It is said that one day Torvalds been pecked by a penguin while walking in the park Perth.

After pecked, he also became fever for days. Then he thought that penguins was suitable to be used as the logo of Linux.

With a fat penguin body, smile, Funny, adorable and illustrated
are resting. finally, Tux was chosen as the Linux mascot . Tux which used in 'official' is made by Larry Ewing.

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