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Negative Impacts Of WIFI (Wireless Fidelity)

Negative Impacts Of WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) - Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity), better known as wireless local networks increasingly popular, especially in developed countries and developing countries. With wi-fi people could enter to the Internet without the hassle of connecting cable from your computer to a phone line.
Behind the convenience offered wi-fi, there are some who think public confidence wi-fi have a negative impact on health. Those who disagree with the presence of wi-fi reasoned electro magnetic radiation from wi-fi can cause pain in the head, sleep disturbances and nausea, especially for those who electrosensitive. But was it wi-fi health hazard?
Fear of adverse impacts on health wi-fi is countered British scientists. As disclosed Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, told the BBC Panorama Programme, there's nothing to worry about with wi-fi technology. There was no definite evidence that says, devices such as mobile phones and wi-fi cause impaired health.
Similar also disclosed Professor Lawrie Challis, of Nottingham University. In his statement to the BBC, Professor Challis, who served as chairman of Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) said: "electro-magnetic radiation from Wi-fi is very small, low power transmitter too, but it is still some distance to the body.
"It could be electro-magnetic radiation is very near to body, while we assume the laptop, but in my observations of each parent will asked their children to not be too often use their mobile phones and always asked them to put the laptop on the table, not on your lap, if they surf too long. "
To support this statement, the BBC Panorama team visited a school in Norwich, who has a thousand students, and try to compare the levels of radiation from mobile phones and the use of wi-fi in the classroom. The results showed wi-fi radiation in a classroom three times larger than the radiant issued by cell phone.
But the psychological health expert Professor Malcolm Sperrin told wi-fi signal greater than three times the radiation of mobile phones in a school is not relevant, because it has not found its influence on health.
"Wi-fi is a technology that uses radio waves,low electro magnetic , which is comparable to a microwave oven, even 100 thousand times lower than the microwave."
This type of radiation transmitted radio waves (wi-fi), microwaves, and phones have shown increased levels of network temperature is very high, which is called a thermal interaction, but there is still no evidence that level cause damage.
Health Protection Agency says sitting in a room that has a hotspot for a year comparable to to radio waves emitted during a conversation to phone for twenty minutes.
"Radio waves has become a part of our lives for almost a century or more, but if there is a significant disruption to health, there must be studies that will record it, and during these various studies still have not found evidence of transmission to health wi-fi.
The same thing also supported by Professor Will J Stewart, fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, who said: "Science has been studying the health effects of mobile phones for many years and worries about the impact of mobile phone radiation is still very small.
"So also to wi-fi, if used within reasonable limits there would be no effect on health in a long time. But that does not mean that all electro-magnetic radiation is not dangerous, such as sunlight proven to cause skin cancer, so if you use a laptop while sunbathing on the beach, it's good to find a shady place, "added Sperrin who said that until now there is still no sufficient evidence berrarti negative impact of wi-fi.
But more worried Sperrin not on wi-fi wave, but the behavior in the use of laptops, and laptop heat generated in some sensitive parts of the body, which affect health.

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